Friday, October 25, 2013

Email from Braydon

 Email from Braydon

***These letters from B come without editing. He writes under pressure of time and with the sole intent of sharing the feelings that flow straight from his heart.  We include them because he is an integral member of our family who is able to speak with love, optimism, and gratitude for all of us.***

Just as normal, when you endure with happiness through the hard times, God blesses you with more happiness! I have had a really really good week filled with feeling the spirit! spiritual lessons, studdies, and prayers! on monday night i had a really really good conversation with Heavely Father and the Holy Ghost. God filled my soul with happiness and peace! The feelings are too pure to describe! Once again, he gave me the message that if i take care of his familes here in Moçambique, he will take care of my families in Utah! I love my father in Heaven.
I was having a family night with Titos and Ana family, and Titos was also thinking alot about my family at home so he stopped the lesson and said, can we say a prayer for Kollin right now? Tears filled my eyes, i said yes please, could you offer it? he said hed love to. Titos then said a beautiful and simple prayer, and opened up his book of mormon so we could find strength and answers in the book of mormon. He remembered when i taught him the Book of Mormon that you can find every answer to life in the book. We then read about Alma when he was rebellious and was visitted by an angel. It was actually very strange because alma lost movement in his body for 3 days and could not move. He felt the lowest of the low. but he gained strength and he served god forever after that and was filled with happiness for eternity now. Very easily was Titos able to relate this story to Kollin. I was so touched by this. Going from Titos desperate to recieve strength and knowlede from me a couple months ago, to me desperate for strength and knowledge from him. Titos will be a bishop in Mocambique someday when we get wards soon! i love him!
We also had a lesson with an older couple who have 4 kids, a house thats not cinderblocks, paint on the house and WINDOWS!  havent seen that in a long time! one of their daughters is even at college! the Mom is a teacher, and the Dad has a good job as well! We have been looking for people who could be leaders in the church to help the church grow in mocambique, smart people who have an idea of having an occupation and seeing success. this family is exactly that. The only trouble is the wife is hard core catholic. we sat down with them and had a very very spiritual 1st lesson. Her heart was touched and i could see her eyes filled with peace. So i asked her, Luisa, if you knew this message was true, would you follow this path? she stopped and said, I am Catholic, baptized and everything. Catholic is my Church. i then smiled at her and said thats not what i asked. Luisa, do you believe God has the power to speak with his children on the earth today? she said yes i believe. I said Luisa, if God spoke with you, in your heart, and told you that the words of the missionaries were true, would you follow this church, knowing it is his church? at this point i felt so close to luisa, i felt as if we were family, with a strong trust. She responded and said, yes, i would follow the truth. and i will pray to know if your words were true or not. we were filled with the spirit and i promised her that when she prays, she will be filled with peace, knowing our message was true. i knew that God was going to answer her prayer.  we left the house and i was feeling so confident and so happy. we returned the next day to give them a book of mormon, she was home alone so i just dropped it off to her. she was on the phone but she saw me and put the phone down and came to me, smilling, with an innocent face that had been touched by God. She said, Elder, i did a big prayer last night. I asked her how she felt. She responded with a voice filled of a sense of belonging to the family of god and said I felt Peace in my heart. i felt really really good. I know God spoke to me, and i know your message is true. I about cried but i kept my self together and bore my testimony.
Chico and luisa will be baptized and will bless the church and their family forever. I dont know when yet but i should this week! pray for luisa to keep her testimony! once you recieve an answer from god, there is no going back!
I love this church, i love the happiness and joy it brings to all who accept it! I know this church is true, i have recieved too many comfirmations that it is true to every deny it or to every wander astray!
I hope yo all have a good week! God bless you all, i love you all!

Friday, October 18, 2013

A Typical Day in the Hospital

Friday October 18, 2013

Update from Jodie (Mom)

 It seems like I’ve fallen off the “Blogger’s Wagon”.  It’s been about two weeks since I’ve had the time and energy to put my thoughts into blogging.  Sorry to all the followers out there that are anxious to hear about my Kollin’s progress.  I thought I would begin today by taking you through a typical day in the hospital.  By the way, today marks the 7th full week since KPG’s accident.  Life is so very different than it was---At 7:30am  I open the blinds in Kollin’s hospital room to let in a little natural light, and to let him know that it is morning.  He’s slept pretty peacefully, only waking a few times asking to be turned onto the opposite side that he is lying on.  After insuring that he is comfortable, I fall back onto my couch-like bed instantly asleep.  I can almost keep my eyes closed through the whole process now. My legs get me up and walk me to his bedside, my hands and arms do the turning, and pillow placement between his knees and behind his back.  I pull his covers up, tuck him in, and kiss his cheek, all in a sleep walk manner. But now it’s a new day.  Kollin takes after me, he’s not really a morning person.  He does better if he eases into the day so we take our time to greet the sunrise. 
By 7:50 I’ve ordered his breakfast from “Room Service”—French toast, scrambled eggs, watermelon, and cranberry juice.  When his meal tray arrives it is about 8:00 and his eyes have yet to open.  I butter his French toast and put the syrup on.  Today he needs to try cutting it himself as he needs to pass of some goals in the fine motor skills category.  Instead he stabs the fork into the triangle piece of bread and brings the whole piece to his mouth for a bite.  Hmmmmmm perhaps we need to set some goals in the etiquette category.  During breakfast from 8:00-9:00 the tech begins taking Kollins vital signs, and gives him his morning meds, as I begin to put his ted hose on. These thigh high support stockings help to keep his blood pressure from plummeting too low. While he is in bed relaxing he doesn’t need to wear them, but today he will be up and working hard, so they are a must.  They are buggers to get on, but Gary has come up with a pretty good technique for getting them on.  I hope he never has to use his technique on me.  J  A knock on the door tells us that the Dr.’s are beginning their rounds.  The door slowly pushes open and in comes 4 or 5 faces.  They poke, prod and listen to his heart and lungs.  “How are you feeling today?” they ask Kollin.  He responds with a half hearted shrug and a, “You know.”  He is getting bored of the same ole routine.  By the time they leave they have at least gotten a smile out of him.
 At 9:00am Tierra, the Occupational Therapist (OT) arrives to help him get dressed.  This is the most frustrating part of his entire day.  “My legs hate me!”  he exclaims as he tries to lift them one by one and strategically place his heavy foot into the leg hole of his shorts, all while trying to keep his balance.  Feet through holes now, he rolls side to side as his hand hooks inside the waist band to pull the shorts up and onto his waist.  Whew!!!!! Time to take a short breather before sitting up again and pulling the shirt over the cumbersome neck brace that needs to be worn for 4-6 more weeks.  The doc says his neck is healing, but the fusion is still very weak, as well as his ligaments and tendons supporting it.  Time in the brace will be the best thing.  Clothes now on, he swings his legs over the side of the bed, to begin the transfer into his wheel chair.  Practice makes perfect and he is getting so very good at scooting sideways on the sticky sheets, popping himself up and onto the seat of his chair.  A few more adjustments, and his butt is centered and feet are on the foot plates.  Seat belt on he begins the task of socks and shoes. Tricky, tricky, tricky are the socks and shoes!!!!!!  I watch in amazement at the patience he exhibits in trying to master such a simple task that is so easy for me to do.  I literally have to hold myself back from wanting to reach in to help him get the sock over that pinky toe-- That rascal of a pinky toe that won’t cooperate today.  But Tierra is there giving him tips and teaching him how to be independent.  It’s better for him if I just watch.  Somewhere in my memory bank I can hear Kollin as a toddler say, “I do it mamma!!!”  He has the same determined look on his face as he did back then, 12 or so years ago.  “Socks will get easier the more you practice.” I hear Tierra say.  Just like shoes have gotten easier.  He can now even tie them loosely on his own.  Time to wheel over to the sink and brush those pearly whites.  I think Kollin has brushed his teeth more since he’s been in the hospital than he did his whole life before.  Whenever I would remind him to brush his teeth before bed or before he headed out the door for school, he would say, “Aww mom that’s what the dentist is for.”  Cringe, Cringe!!!!
 By now it’s 9:45 and the speech therapist is here to walk him down to her office.  I usually take this 30 minutes to brush my teeth, comb my hair and put my bra on—haha.   While at speech he will work on school work—math homework, or reading.  We started reading Enders Game this summer and I told him he can’t see the movie until he finishes the book.
 At 10:15 I come get him and walk with him to the gym next door.  Lisa his Physical Therapist (PT) greets him and they go to work.  Push ups, dips, transfers, rolling, scooting, balancing, lifting legs, all while cute Casey Corry, is either cheering him on, or throwing a ball at him that he caches mid-dip.  Casey, who is the therapy aid, and KPG have a special relationship.  She teases him, and he teases her and it all makes for a super fun time at therapy. She is like a really cute big sister to him and I don’t know how we would get through the day without her!!!  Therapy is hard, but with Casey there the time fly’s by. The newest thing Kollin has been working on during PT is “Popping Wheelies” in his wheel chair.  How dangerous you might be thinking, but a necessary skill to help him navigate up and over curbs.  He is getting really good at it.  
 At 11:00 it’s time to book it over to the U for some time on the FES bike.  We arrive by 11:15, and usually by 11:30, James has Kollin hooked up and ready to start his 30 minute session.  On MWF he works on his legs, and on TTH he works on his arms.  This Functional Electronic Stimulation bike helps to keep his muscles from deteriorating.  It’s fun to watch the muscles in his legs flex when the electricity flows to them.  On arm days the electrodes are also hooked up to his abs and the muscles running along his spine to strengthen his core.  We finish at noon, peel all the electrodes off and leave by 12:10 to head back to Primary Children’s.  The two hospitals are connected with a sky bridge so walking back and forth between the two is pretty convenient.
 Back in our room, I order KPG’s lunch—Egg salad sandwich on white, Mayo only, cool ranch Doritos, watermelon, and sprite.  While we wait for his meal tray to come, he usually likes to lie on my couch bed as he is convinced it is WAY more comfortable than his hospital bed.  He takes a minute to look at his snap-chats, instagram, etc. and I have to peel his phone out of his hands and make him eat.  “I’m socializing here mother!!”   Yes my son, I know that socializing is important, but so are these calories that you will need to get you through afternoon therapy.  Kollin lost 20 pounds in the three and a half weeks that he was unable to eat.  He is now battling to put weight back on, because he burns so many calories during therapy. At yesterday’s weigh in, he was up to 109lbs—an 8lb weight gain.  Yay!!!  But wait…… could that be from his hair that has been growing out of control since we’ve been here????  Why, won’t you let me call Mackenzie for a hair cut???  “I’m not going to cut my hair until I can walk again.” Says KPG confidently.  So in the mean time, his unruly bangs are going to have to be held back by a barrette or a head -band during therapy so he can see what he is doing. The faux-hawk down the back has begun to poke out of the hole in the bottom of his neck brace, looking like a rat tail.  Yikes!!!!!!! To me it would feel so much better to have a shaved head, but I guess it’s not my head.  We’ll see how long it ends up--- this kid is determined to walk again.
After lunch and a few more minutes with his phone, it’s time to start afternoon therapy.  From 2:15-3:15 it’s back to OT where Kollin works on fine motor skills like zippers, shoe laces, snaps, and the impossible… buttons.  He chucks the card with the buttons across the room in a moment of frustration.  “I’ll never be able to do those!!!”  This angry moment will fuel the fire for his next attempt.  He has learned to let his emotions empower him, not get him down.  He moves on to test taking with a pencil.  His fingers find it difficult to hold the skinny yellow piece of wood.   Kristen suggests a different way to hold it that works better for him now.  He guides the pencil through a maze, and colors in tiny circles without going outside the lines.  Not your typical test.  I watch him biting the inside of his bottom lip in complete concentration—he is a perfectionist by nature, and wants so badly to do a perfect job.  His hands don’t work like they used to, but his movement and coordination with them is getting better everyday.  He can now eat soup, and maneuver the spoon without spilling a drop.  Way to go son!!!!
At 3:15-4:00 it’s back to PT.  Today Lauren has arranged benches of various heights in one big long line from his wheel chair down to the end of the room.  “Let’s practice scooting sideways and transferring from one bench to the other, until you are on the ground.(high to low)  Kollin does quite well until his legs stop following him.  Time to stop and re-evaluate the process.  When you get down lower and lower to the ground, your legs will need to be pushed out in front of you instead of trying to keep them bent.   Ahhh this works much better—finally KPG is seated on a mat on the ground.  He picks up and arranges his legs in criss cross apple sauce. (Indian style for those of us in our 40’s)  Push, scoot, push, scoot, push, scoot, and so it goes from one end of the mat and back.  Then back onto the benches--- going up hill this time, and it’s a lot harder going against gravity. (low to high)   A few tips from Lauren and he’s got it down.  He stops to take a short rest, leaning back onto Lauren, about half way to his chair.  His ARMS are shot!!!  They are totally fatigued to the point of exhaustion.  They have now become his only tools for major transportation.  Lifting, scooting, popping, and wheeling.  They ARE getting stronger, but the day has not yet come when all of these arm movements will be second nature for him.  That is going to take a lot more time and a lot more effort.  But it WILL come. 
It’s been a long day by the time we are back in our room at 4:00pm.  Kollin is physically tired and worn out, but he’s also proud of his hard work today.  I am also worn out, even though all I did was watch.  Emotional fatigue is what I suffer from.  From 4:00-6:00 we have some quiet time.  Often we will greet a visitor, or watch some TV.  Then it’s dinner at 6:00pm and time to start the bedtime routine of : Bowel program, shower, nighttime meds, and the changing of the guards, just kidding…. I meant to say the changing of the pads in his neck collar.  He is usually tucked into bed around 9:45-10:00ish.  Sleep is important because tomorrow is a new day to work hard and get stronger so we can go home.  Kollin has set a goal to be home for Halloween so he can scare all the little kids in our neighborhood.  He has lots to master and perfect in the short weeks ahead.  Home, Home, how we miss being home.  Thank you once again for getting us through these difficult times through your love and prayers and with the help of our Lord and savior, Jesus Christ we will Conquer!!  And we’ll be home before you know it!!!!

Pictures of Kollin

Pictures from Jodie (Mom)

Coon Visits

Amy (Aunt), Tyson, Luke, Lacy, and Lindsy (cousins)
and Kollin

 Natalie and Kollin

Yarro Visits

Outings of the week
 At home eating Sunday dinner that Jackie brought to us- yum yum!!

We saw a movie "Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2". Here dad is helping him put his cool break dancing gloves on!

Costa Vida at the Gateway mall. KPG with an impressive one handed drinking technique.

Nurse Jenny
This is kpg's favorite nurse- Jenny. For therapy he strung some beads onto a catheter and made her a necklace - she Loved it!!!

Working out his legs on the FES Bike-- "Functional Electronic Stimulation"

Twinners with nurse Christy

I put a headband on him to keep his bangs out of his eyes-- his hair is so long that you can't even see the headband but it does shorten his bangs giving him a real nerdy look- haha

Kollins super scraggly long hair  

Notice the tail coming out of the bottom of the collar

Taking Diva for a Walk
Notice my car in the background-- we'd just practiced doing "car transfers". That's where I used my muscles and skills to transfer KPG out of his chair and into my front seat -- then out of my car and back into his chair. Tough mamma huh??

 A little hairdo from Casey

Hoopes Visit

180lb St Bernard named "Front Runner"

Putting $$ in the Vending Machine

Down the benches for PT

Just chillin during PT
Wheeling around at Hogle Zoo

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Email from Braydon

 Monday October 14, 2013

Email from Braydon (Brother)
Hello everyone! for some reason i got onto internet a little sad today, sorry to say haha but now i am ok.
This letter will be very scattered because its just me talking to myself trying to think of things god would have me think.

 I was just thinking about hard trials, and my mind started focusing on the sadness of trials. and how hard they are. Embarrassed to say, i thought for a moment that my family has had the hardest things happen to them then any other family. I was being selfish. not by only thinking about myself. but I was being selfish by only thinking about my family. I recall something that Joseph Smith said something along the lines of, A man filled with love, desires the salvation of his family, and a man filled with the love of God, desires the salvation of all mankind. God has blessed me my whole life with his love.. i love so many people. and i love them so much. I want to do everything to make them happy! thats why i am here! There are people who i love so very much at home who are sad. knowing that made me sad, thats why i felt sad before writting this email. then i realized, god has a perfect love for us. he hears everyday from 7 billion people that they are sad. What would happen if God got discouraged?

Anyway, i was writting Blayke before this, and i just starting thinking about pure love. and how the love of our father is pure, and the love of our savior is pure. they have the power to take away any trial. but they dont. Because they know how much stronger we will be if we endure them well. He sent us to the earth, knowing how hard it would be, and how many awful things would happen. But he did that because in order to return to him, and have every blessing he has, and all the happiness he has, we HAVE to go through these trials. We know that God has a body with flesh and bones. We know he has experience and glory, and all the love and happiness in the world. we know he is all knowing. We cannot comprehend the blessing and joy he has. but we know how he gained all these things.. We know how he became a God. We know he created a plan for ALL of us to have the same things. We know that God is perfect, and he allows us to have these trials. We should trust him them. and be ok with the trials we go through. they are for our good. but it depends on how we act through the trials. God is willing to help us through the trials, and give us peace through the whole thing. But we cannot gain our divine potential, without going through hard things. If we want to be like God someday, we have to experience hard things. excuse me for speaking deep doctrine but if we want to be the best, loving, all knowing, most helpful God someday, and help our own children with EVERY trial they may go through, we need to go through the trials ourself. we need to feel the lowest of low ourself. But we need to go through the whole process, and do what it takes to get out of the trial, and to overcome it. How do you think the savior is all loving, all knowing, and able to help us through any pain? he already suffered it himself. He suffered every pain you could name. He reached lower than anyone will. And he conquered everything. He conquered life, and death. And he did that so we may partake of his salvation, with him at our side along the way.
I know my Father loves me, I know my Savior loves me. And i know what that means. Because i am filled with the love of God. I have an infinite love for my father in heaven, my savior, my family on earth, and those special people who were placed in my life. with this love, i am learning to love every one of gods children.
I know that trials are hard, and sometimes seem as if they wont end, or are unfair. I know that if we endure them well, with our savior, we will have the same results that he did, even eternal life.
I am so sorry that this email was so rediculous, but its what i needed to do, i am filled with love right now, i am filled with happiness! I hope for those of you who may be going through a hard time as well, may be able to read through this and go on the same journey of rememberance that i did and end up with the same feelings i have now :)
i dont have much time, but the week was a little slow, nothing to crazy happned, Titos gave a talk in sacrement meeting though and i was so proud of him! he was sooooo nervous and it made me so happy! seeing the progression of him will stick with me forever!
I am also teaching a family and the dad was in his moms tummy for 12 months, almost stollen when he was born, he grew up with no home because of the civil war, no family other than mom, he lost one of his arms, he had his throught slit by a robber, he had an addiction to cigarrets and marajauana, and now hes my investigator and recieving the blessings of the gospel :) the trials in my life do not compare to his!
I love being a missionary, i love the things i see, hear, smell and experience! life is good! i love you all! have a good week!

Monday, October 7, 2013

Lots and Lots of pictures

Photos sent from Jodie (Mom)

 Cafe Rio

What the?????? It's called "The Stander"

 Cranking it out on the FES bike

Such a poser/wannabe model

 Teeth Brushing

Cali Cousins!!!

 Hey look Kollin! We have the same undies on!!

How many cousins can you fit on a hospital bed???

Adam and Emily completed my day of California Visitors!

Haha- Nurse Dave decorated KPG's bed with Justin Bieber stuff!!
1st car ride in a long while

 Home Visit!

My Poocher!!!!


Awwwwww Comfy Bed!

Love From Grandma Louder

Update for the week of September 30th

The week of September  30th

Post from Jodie (Mom)
And just like that….. it’s October.  The trees on the mountains are showing off their beautiful vibrant colors, there’s a chill in the air, and the sun is setting on the horizon much earlier than just a short month ago.  Kollin’s accident occurred on the night of August 30th.  In my mind it was the end of summer, and now we are fully into one of my favorite season’s of all---- Autumn.  This usually means a time for slowing down.  School has begun and so has homework.  Gone are the warm, carefree days of summer.  September of 2013 was spent mostly INSIDE for me.  My attention fully invested in my baby boy, Kollin.  At times I felt like the mother of a newborn baby—how quickly I remembered how to function on very little sleep, as I attended to his every need.  Now that KPG is out of the ICU my role has changed a bit as he progresses in his recovery.  His medical situation has improved so much in the week that he’s been in the Neuro Trauma Unit--- I have become his biggest fan….. A cheerleader of sorts once again.  Each day this past week spoke of Progress made on His part.  On Monday September 30th he was officially put onto the Rehab Service.  For Kollin this is where the rubber meets the road.  Time to WORK, WORK, WORK.  Therapy is more intense, as he practices dressing himself each morning, uses both hands to squeeze the cement like toothpaste onto his toothbrush, and wheels himself down to the gym for workouts.  He is getting better at everything, but frustration is often present when he can’t get his hands to work like they used to.  Still he is finding ways to use what he has to work with.   
On Monday he met with the Speech Therapist to determine whether or not he still needed his feeding tube.  His appetite has increased, and his swallowing is getting much better.  The therapist had him eat Cool Ranch Doritos—his favorite, and sweet tart candies.  She wanted to see how he would do with some of the harder foods.  He sailed right through this junk food eating test.  She gave the OK to take Kollin off the restrictive diet he’s been on, saying, “You can now eat whatever you want.”  Yippeee!!!!  Because of this, and because he has been able to maintain good calorie and fluid intake on his own, the feeding tube was yanked out by nurse Steve.  I tried to get Kollin to pull it out himself, but for some reason that idea did not appeal to him.  None the less he is so happy to be free from that noodle taped to the side of his face.  He would eat a grilled cheese sandwich and fries for breakfast, lunch and dinner if I’d let him, but I won’t.  His menu is now about 6 pages long as opposed to 2 pages.  The options are unlimited.  We have even taken him to the hospital cafeteria and let him pick from their menu.  Freedom to have options is a wonderful thing.
Kollin’s sense of humor during Physical Therapy is nothing short of amazing.  It certainly doesn’t hurt that every one of the therapists are all incredible individuals.  They have a way of making “rolling over,” “sitting up,” and “scooting across the mat,” fun.  (Remember my reference to feeling like the mother of a new born baby??)  Gary and I get so extremely excited about Kollin’s abilities to do the simplest of things. His latest “funny” is to strike a Model pose during those akward moments when he tries to move, but parts of his body don’t follow.  Haha I’ll include some pictures.  During OT (occupational therapy) he is fine tuning the motor skills in his hands as he plays Uno, Blokus, and Connect Four. What was once a left hand closed fist is now a hand that can stretch the fingers almost all the way out.  These fingers on his left hand are also starting to move more.  Which is good news for all of you that receive texts, snapchats, and instagram posts from KPG.  I dare say that his cell phone is the best therapy of all!!!!  On Wednesday it was decided that it was time for Kollin to have a little field trip.  They called it a “Day Pass” from the confines of the hospital.  This also gave Gary and I an opportunity to learn and practice doing “Car Transfers”.  (getting Kollin in and out of a car and into his wheelchair.)  It was a bit tricky getting into the front seat of our Jeep, but Gare Bear did a great job.  We have applied to get a handicap parking pass, but it has not arrived yet, so finding a parking space at the Café Rio down the street would need to be strategic.  We were in luck—the stars must have been aligned just right.  We were accompanied by 5 Lovely ladies from the therapy department.  Lisa, Kollin’s Physical therapist who incidentally is a small woman, but tougher than nails, borrowed a wheelchair from PT and wheeled right along side of him throughout the whole adventure.  Kollin confided to me on the drive to lunch, that he felt sort of nervous.  This was his first time in public in over a month.  First time riding in a car since his accident also.  It’s interesting that I now notice how unfriendly places are for wheelchairs.  Kollin maneuvered himself up the sidewalk ramp, but someone had to open the door for him.  He wheeled into the very long line and then was able to order for himself.  I had to fill his cup with soda for him and reach the straw and utensils, as they were place at a higher level than he was able to reach.  Things I’d never thought twice about before….hmmm—BEFORE.  I will never look at things in quite the same way.  I pray that wherever KPG goes, that he will encounter kind folks that will be willing to help him out when he struggles to open a door, or reach what he needs.  Other than what I’ve mentioned, our “Lunch outing” went off smoothly.  Kollin enjoyed his favorite Pork Taco- something he used to eat 4 of, but this time only ordered 1.  A few people even came up to him and mentioned that they’d seen him on the news and wished him well.  That made him smile from ear to ear.  (he thinks he’s famousJ)  Even though we were only gone for a few hours, it was so refreshing for Kollin to know that he will be OK out in the real world. 
If I’ve told my kids once, I’ve told them 100 times--- if you want to get good at something, you’ve got to practice at it.  I guess the Dr.’s and therapists also believe this.  On Saturday night, after a full day of visits from so much of our family from California, it was time for another field trip.  This time we went to dinner at Café Trio, and were accompanied by “Birthday Boy” uncle Adam, and beautiful Aunt Em.  Kollin ordered a BBQ chicken pizza and just about ate the whole thing!!!!  He face timed cousin Chloe for the second time that day—trying desperately to get her to admit to him that she loves him—haha  It’s ok Chloe, He KNOWS without you saying a word.  When we entered the restaurant, at 5:00, Kollin easily wheeled himself to our table deep in the farthest corner.  By the time we were finished eating, the room was packed with patrons.  It was necessary for our waiter to ask the servers to clear out of their alley way so Gary could wheel KPG safely through a cleared space and outside to the car.  We are figuring things out. 
So that was practice-- #2 field trip.  All in preparation for an “ALL DAY pass” today (Sunday).  Field trip #3.  We anxiously awaited the Dr. to visit us this morning with some final instructions.  Our plan:  Take Kollin Home to Provo!!!!!!!  We listened to the morning session of conference in the car as we drove towards the place that KPG has been missing so badly.  His brothers, His dogs, His bed, His pillow, His house!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  All so magnificent to HIM on this day.  The first place he wanted to be was in Ethan’s room.  When Kollin was lying in the ICU, sick and struggling with a breathing tube down his throat, I heard Ethan whisper to him, “Kollin, I just want you to be Ok.  I want you to come home so bad, so that we can hang out in my room and  play x-box.  I’ll even let you EAT whatever you want to, and I’ll let you sit on my bed.”  Kind words from a big brother who normally complained every day to me about Kollin being in his room.  A Tender lesson for Ethan to learn.  Not sure what all went on in Ethan’s room this morning.  They told us to just let them hang out together.  When I took Kollin’s medication up to him at 2:00pm they were having some good ole Brotherly snuggle time.  I’m so grateful that they have each other.  Gary carried Kollin to his bed for a little nap.  He gets worn out really easily. He loved the cushy mattress and his OWN pillow.  At 4:30pm my Sisters and mom brought over the dinner of all dinners for us.  Corn on the cob, cucumbers and tomatoes, potatoes and squash, green beans, and beet salad-- all picked fresh from the garden. (thanks Parley) And Halibut caught in Alaska by my brother in law.  Fresh Peach Pie for dessert.  Oh and homemade rolls--- man we are soooooooo spoiled, and not just because of all that good home cooking, but because of the LOVE that went into cooking and preparing it all.  My 94yr old grandma Louder was able to come and visit with Kollin  for the first time in months.  She is always one to bring a Huge dose of Love with her, and she showered Kollin with her goodness.  At 7:00pm it was time to head back to SLC, and prepare for the week ahead.  Kollin has Goals that he is anxious to tackle.  I have no doubt that he will ACHIEVE because he BELIEVES.  He continues to be an example to his parents.  His good attitude and his willingness to push forward, even when it is so hard for him, is commendable. I watch him exercise his Faith in a loving Father in Heaven every day.  Remember that little  practice ditty.  He is getting some great practice at trusting in the Lord.  Not many 14yr olds get this opportunity.  We are so grateful that he has the Love, Support, and Prayers from so many family members, friends and strangers.  Life’s challenges are so much more bearable with a gospel perspective.  Jesus Christ has made it possible for us to HOPE for great things to come for our boy. Love to you all!!!!!!

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Goodbye Feeding Tube!

Tuesday October 1, 2013

Instagram Posts from Virginia (Grandma)

No more feeding tube for this boy!

Kollin eating soup and a grilled cheese sandwich!