Saturday, November 16, 2013


Pictures Sent from Jodie (Mom)

Home at Last!!!!

 His favorite part of the day, working with therapists.

 Mason and Aly's Wedding day
K at Neuroworx getting stretched

Kollin at Bridal Veil today.

Ahhhhhh Friendship!!!

 Imagine Dragons!

Wiping his name from the therapy board :(

 KPG will never forget the day he beat you at this game Casey Corry

 Tight squeeze from fun lovin nurse Christy- careful he might wipe a bugger on you!

 The Mustache Brigade-- how can you take them seriously?

 Clever boy sneaking a kiss from the lovely Monica-

 Pizza party giggles with our favorites!!

 Are you washing your hands or checking yourself out in the mirror??

Snuggles with Cassandra Dawn Corry

Instagram Posts From Jenny (Aunt)
These girls all have a crush on Kollin. #kpgsfanclub

 Such an awesome day! Kollin got to meet Imagine Dragons before leaving the hospital! It has been almost 2 months since his accident.

 Instagram Post Natalie (Aunt)
He's home everybody! And a week early because he's a fighter.

Instagram Post from Erica (Aunt)

Instagram Post from Kesley

  This happened today! This amazing boy said goodbye to the hospital. His hard work, determination, attitude, courage, and strength brought him home. Kollin, we LOVE you so much- you are such an inspiration.


  1. Continued prayers for your family.... What awesome news for you!!!

  2. Rejoicing in the fact that Kollin is home, and how wonderful he looks in all the pictures! Thank-you SO much for sharing this heartfelt journey with us. And even though your son is home now & seems to be doing well and on his way to easing back in to a 'new normal' active, blessed, loving life, we will continue prayers here in PA. Please continue to keep us updated on him, your family, and the continued progress. God is Great.

  3. There is still joy!!! Thank you God!

  4. Keeping you all in my prayers...knowing that miracles do happen!