Monday, September 30, 2013

Instagram from Kesley

Sunday September 29, 2013

Instagram Post from Kesley (Aunt)

A great visit with Kollin. He is even more amazing today! WE LOVE YOU SO MUCH! xo

Physical Therapy

Sunday September 29, 2013
  Post from Virginia

During PT (Physical Therapy) Kollin was lying on his back on the therapy table (a semi-soft platform about double bed size that can rise or lower as needed). His task was to throw his arms diagonally from above his head down across his body to create enough momentum to roll from his back to his side.  To motivate him, Gary would stand on one side and ask, “What if your girl friend was over here?”  Then Kollin would turn into the energizer bunny and roll to that side.  Then Gary would run to the other side and ask, “What if your girl friend was over here?”  Then Kollin would manage the flip to the other side.  This went on for a bit until Kollin was out of steam and when next Gary asked “What if your girl friend was over here?”  Kollin responded, “I’d tell here she’d better get over here if she wanted any of this (pulling up his shirt)!”

A favorite move for Kollin is to roll his wheel chair over to the mirror in the PT room and pull up his shirt or flex his bicep and comment, “Not bad, not bad!”

During therapy when KSL was there filming,, Kollin had been really exerting himself. He loves an audience.  His therapist asked if he needed a little rest.  First he said he was OK but then said to Gary, “Dad be my furniture,” which means to kneel behind him, giving him stability to rest a bit.  He leaned onto his dad’s chest, smiled, then closed his eyes and proceeded to give a good snore or two.
During that same session he was to throw a 5 pound ball about 8 feet across the room to Devon and then to catch it again.  The goal was 10 tosses.  He did just fine and on about #7 said, “Get ready.  This one I’m going to throw really high.”  He lowered his arms, looked up at the ceiling—and torpedoed it right at Devon’s crotch!

In another exercise he was propped up on all fours, with his therapist stabilizing his hips.  Kollin’s task was to do push ups.  He was asked how many he could do and Kollin replied, “Oh, about 100.”  Remember, his strength has been hugely diminished and his response generated a good chuckle from all around.  He started the workout and at one point lost his balance and landed right on his face.  Picture that situation and imagine all the responses a kid might give.  Kollin’s response?  He laughed and said, “Oh no!  I can’t believe I landed right on my face doing girl pushups!  I hope no one finds out!”  Sorry, too funny and too revealing of his marvelous humor to keep it a secret!
During the KSL interview the newsman asked, “You’ve had quite a month.  What has been the hardest part for you?”  My mind ran through a good dozen answers, but Kollin looked thoughtful and answered, “I guess when therapy is over.”  He really likes therapy.  What an example of that principle: Never look back. Just look forward! Set goals!

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Information for Kollin on the news

Kollin will be on  Fox News @ 10 tonight or tomorrow. Monday he will be on KSL news and also featured in Deseret news.  For all those wishing to see him, this is an unusual

Lots of Pictures

Thursday September 19- Saturday September 28

Pictures Sent from Jodie and Gary (Mom & Dad)

Rick making Kollin balance

Getting ready for a bath

Ahhhhhh Bubbles!!!!

First bite of food in 3 1/2 weeks--mandarin oranges- yum!

The swing wheelchair

"Guys this is soooo much fun!"

A nice shave for the cameras

Just let me touch the water!!

Who taped this tube?!?!

Goofing around with Ethan

A visit from his teachers quorum

 Cuddling with Diva

Graduation to the Real wheelchair

On the roof

The back of his MOP


From Thursday Sept. 19th- Saturday September 28th

Update from Jodie (Mom)

Well Hello There to ALL the followers of Kollin’s Blog.  It’s been awhile since you’ve been updated on KPG’s progress, and there’s been lot’s of good stuff happening up here at the hospital.  Last Thursday (a week ago), Gary and I met with various Dr.’s and medical personnel for what they called a “Care Conference.”  They explained to us that their goal was to get Kollin out of the ICU and into rehab where he could begin to move forward in his recovery.  Because Kollin was spending a lot of his energy on daily breathing, they felt that it would be a good idea to do a Tracheostomy on KPG, and maybe place a G-tube in his belly so that they could begin giving him Bolus feedings. (More calories—as he’s lost about 20lbs in the past 3 weeks—ugh!!).  Both of these procedures would need to be done under anesthesia in the Operating Room.  He would then be on pain killers again (and we just barely got him off the pain killers), AND he would need 3-5 more days in the ICU to re-cooperate.  It felt like a step in the wrong direction, but they assured us that the Trach and the G-tube would propel him forward at a much faster speed than if they did not pursue this course of action.  After much coercing on the part of Gary, the team agreed to wait until the following Tuesday to reevaluate and see how Kollin was doing.  “Let’s give him a chance to breathe better on his own before we take such drastic measures,” was how Gary felt.  Later that night I listened as Kollin’s Dad explained to him, (In teenage mentality terms) what we had talked about in the “Care Conference.”  At this point, they had already begun weaning him off of the Bi-Pap (breathing machine).  That day, he’d already been off it for more than 5 ½ hours, and he did really well breathing on his own during that time.  Kollin set some goals with Gary that night.  Goals that would later lead to Great things!
The next three days brought an incredible amount of progress from Kollin as he pushed himself just a little more each time he had Physical Therapy.  One morning shortly after waking up, he said to me, “Mom, today when Lisa comes, I’m going to do twice as many reps as she tells me to do.”  His competitive, fighting spirit was coming back in full force.  The more he moved about, the more he got out of his bed, the harder he worked during PT, the stronger his lungs became, and the less he needed the Bi-Pap machine during the day.  What was once so very difficult for him, like sitting on the edge of the bed, became second nature.  He began to balance on his own while sitting up-right.  Strength was increased as he balanced side to side and front to back. (being able to balance with a heavy neck brace on is quite an impressive feat.)  On Saturday we met a Physical therapist named Rick.  Gary explained our goals to get Kollin out of the ICU without needing a tracheostomy.  Rick gave Kollin 3 of the toughest workouts that he’s had thus far, all while keeping our goals in mind. During two sessions on Saturday and one on Sunday morning, Kollin began to do things that I didn’t think he would be able to do yet.  He blew my mind as I watched him roll himself onto his side and then push with his arms to sit up (Rick took care of his legs).  He rolled a 5 lb. ball into his hand and lifted it up high in the air to tap Rick’s suspended hand, then back to his lap—10 times with each arm.  The Left hand is even getting stronger and a little bit more coordinated.  That’s my boy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Fortunate for us, the Dr. that was really pushing for the Trach happened to walk by Sunday morning during Kollin’s work out.  She was impressed and wanted to know how many hours KPG had been off the Bi-Pap the previous day.  When I replied 9 ½ hours, she had a hard time concealing her dismay.  I would like to mention here that during this weekend, Kollin’s nurse Sandi was a huge help to us in encouraging KPG, and us to fight for what we wanted to see happen.  She kept telling Kollin that his attitude was the Best she’d ever seen, and the kind that would take him places.  What a huge help she was in advocating for Kollin to the Dr.’s later on Sunday.  Sandi told Dr. Hubbard of Kollins progress over the past 3 days, and of his fantastic attitude.  I really believe that she was instrumental in the “Big Move” that happened Sunday afternoon.  It was decided that Kollin would be moved out of the ICU on a few conditions.  We would continue to wean him off the Bi-pap during the day, and his feeds would continue through the feeding tube.  A formal Swallow Study was scheduled for the following Tuesday. (Let’s get this boy drinking and eating again.)  I heard Dr. Hubbard say on more than one occasion, “Kollin you proved me wrong.” 
The Neuro Trauma Unit has been a wonderful place to be.  We love the nurses and Dr.’s and staff who deal mainly with spinal cord, and brain injuries.  This past week Kollin has enjoyed many, many rides in the swing wheelchair, and he has a new found sense of freedom.  No longer stuck in his bed in the ICU, he’s been able to visit the sun deck on the roof and feel the sun on his face.  He’s watched the very life-flight helicopter that brought him here land on the roof—exciting, but sad at the same time, because of the passenger being dropped off.  Instead of waiting in his bed like usual, he accompanied Gary and I to the cafeteria, where he watched us do the very thing that he longs to do……Drink and Eat.  Sounds like a form of torture right???  It was actually HIS choice to come with us.  I would never have been able to have that kind of strength—I’m so weak when it comes to food.  During one of his rides to the 4th floor sun deck he made me stop in front of the drink vending machine, “just to look, so he’d know what was available when the time was right.”  He grabbed onto the drinking fountain on another ride down the hall and just wanted to put his hand into the running water.  So you can imagine how utterly thrilled he was, when he passed his swallow test and could begin drinking.  Water at first, but he quickly advanced to Fresca and Dr. Pepper.  He was like a kid in a candy store, all Giddy and almost hyper ventilating.  The speech therapist put him on what’s called a “Soft Mechanical” diet.  He’s been asking for watermelon, grapes and oranges. All the really juicy fruits-haha.   So Tuesday night, Gary was able to find grapes and mandarin oranges down in the cafeteria. As we sat on the sun deck that night overlooking the U of U campus, Kollin exclaimed, “Guys this is sooooooo much fun!!!!!!!!!!” Hmmmmmm this statement coming from a 14yr old boy who is sitting in a wheelchair on a hospital roof, eating dinner with both of his parents—I couldn’t agree more.  It was like Heaven to me too buddy.
On Thursday September 26th, Kollin graduated to a REAL wheelchair.  His nurse, Jenny told him that she has never seen a spinal cord injury patient move so quickly from the swing wheelchair to a REAL upright wheelchair.  Yes, He is AMAZING, and we know why…  PRAYER WORKS!!!!!!  Kollin has been wheeling himself down to the Physical Therapy Gym and back twice a day now for the past 3 days.  His spirits are soaring as he sees that HE can get himself where he wants to go.  It’s been an amazing week!!!!!!
KPG is quickly earning his new nickname, “Hollywood”, given to him by nurse Dave.  A few days ago a reporter from the Deseret News did an interview with him while KSL filmed along side.  They even came down to the gym and witnessed Kollin’s amazing strength, and good attitude.  Somehow the Reporter, Emily found out about Kollin’s Blog and became interested in doing a story about him.  KSL followed by sending Jed Boal out yesterday for more filming and interviewing of Kollin’s big Brothers.  For all that are interested, the Deseret News story will be in Monday morning’s paper—front page I believe. And the KSL story will air on Monday as well (that’s September 30th)—most likely in the evening.  But wait….. there is one more news story that includes the wanna be famous KPG.  He will also be featured in a FOX news report that Highlights the 20th anniversary of “Intermountain Therapy Dogs”.  Kollin and Diva, can be seen sharing some good cuddle time on your local FOX news channel sometime either tonight or tomorrow night—That’s Saturday September 28th or Sunday September 29th.   Lots of excitement coming your way…..What a difference a week can make huh????  We are ever so grateful for your continuous support and prayers offered on Kollin’s behalf.  We’ve felt it everyday, these past 4 WEEKS and everyday more and more Miracles occur.  Isn’t Life Grand?????  Out of a tragic accident our hearts will be forever knit in unity with so many good, caring folks.  May God bless you all for your goodness.

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Friday September 27, 2013

Instagram from Chelsea (Aunt)
 You want to see an answer to your prayers? This is Kollin checking out his biceps after getting in a wheel chair, rolling himself down the hall to physical therapy, practicing turning himself over and then bursting out 63 push ups!!! You're awesome Kollin! Proud of you. #prayforkollin #prayerswork

Thoughts and feelings from Virginia

Friday September 27, 2013
 Email from Virginia (Grandma)

At last a moment to reflect…how have our lives changed, what matters most, how do we maintain optimism and faith, which mantras sustain me?

Our lives are changed forever.  Whatever degree of recovery Kollin achieves, we are changed. No going back. No reclaiming that cataclysmic 2 seconds.  From here on out our souls are seared with memories: that  first phone call from Jodie, our quick race to the UVRMC ER hoping against hope for a quick reprieve, feeling the rotor sweep as Life Flight lifted our motionless Kollin to Primary Children’s Hospital, those interminable, dark and fearful 3+ weeks in PICU—Kollin frantic for breath, one new invasive procedure threatening after the next, our dear boy in pain, lips taped shut and unable to speak—unable to ask questions, unable to express his needs or describe his pain and fear, watching for that feeble right thumb to signal “thumbs up” to our questions, unable at times to decipher his sign language for pain, for suction for….. Then gradually signs of healing: finally his respirator tube removed only to be replaced moments later by a  CPAP   face mask gripping his face.  Occasionally a quiet whisper (“I love you, Sarah” after she spent a night hovering at his bedside).  Then a smaller, less claustrophobic mask allowing us to see his eyes and glimpse that sparkle once again.  

Those were weeks of anxiety for me that were nonetheless counterbalanced by watching his parents become competent, unwavering caretakers for their boy.  They are no strangers to hospital visits, having become accustomed to the routines and procedures during the periods of kidney care/ transplant for Devon and Ethan.  But this was new, a healthy athlete full of life and joy  met a life altering change of script without any sense of warning or foreboding.  No sense of what to expect, no sense of his prospects.  But there they were, quickly learning the import of every number on the  monitors surrounding him.  

I learned valuable lessons from Gary and Jodie: never sit idle, never let fear encompass you, allow no anger or remorse into your soul, never give up primary responsibility for your child’s recovery. 
Since Gary is my son, and since Jodie is known far and wide for her ebullient good nature, for her unstinting nurturing of her children, I must record the great  “patriarchal power” of my quiet, gentlemanly son.  As this misfortune unfolded, all Gary’s inherent virtues came into play: his strength of body, mind, and spirit manifested themselves in such a way that I was left feeling that his entire life had been preparing him for this moment.  Immediately he became a part of every discussion regarding Kolin’s treatment.  He focused instantly on the future, on rehabilitation, on recovery and was prayerful in determining which procedures to allow.  His strength, his  calm, his confidence, his ever-present mentoring lent peace to Kollin. He drew a sense of well-being from his dad’s presence.  He drew on his whiteboard: Dad, it’s too hard without you.  If ever his dad was absent from the room, he kept an unwavering eye on the door, waiting for the first glimpse of his dad, lifting his mobile right arm in a “high five”  greeting.  If Kollin needs repositioning, or lifting, it is his dad whose gentle strength supports his son.  If he needs coaching through a difficult time, it is his dad who holds him in an embrace whispering is his ear, offering heartfelt and uplifting prayers.  If Kollin needs to muster strength to try a new move in rehab, it is his dad who is there beaming, filling his mind with images that carry him successfully through each new challenge. What a time of dichotomy.  This mother’s heart swelling with gratitude for the fine man who is her son, my heart in tumult watching my son grieving for his son.  

I could not speak the terror of those first weeks were it not for the present day of hope and wonder.  Once out of PICU, Kollin gained ground.  At last, the “swallow test” passed!  Those pathetic days of Kollin signing for a drink were over!  He is drinking, eating!  Breathing on his own!  Relieved of most of his pain!

Yesterday was my first visit after a 2-day gap.  When last I visited he was sleeping soundly after a morning session of Rehab.  I envisioned a replay when I entered the hospital yesterday, but no, I found him in Rebab—SITTING in a wheelchair.  A Cheshire cat grin across his face.  He asked, “Shall I astound  you?”  YES.  Off he went, both hands adept at pushing himself down the hall, making turns, backing up.  Once we were back in his room, his dad did a “transfer” from chair to bed with Kollin participating in the move with the use his arms to settle him back down into bed.  As I had followed him down the hall, I thought I saw movement in his left fingers, grasping the wheel of his chair.  Back in the room, I kept my eye on that hand—yes, the miracles keep coming—he has movement  in those fingers now!  More?  YES!  He can sense touch from his toes through his thighs.  Sensing touch and controlling movement are two independent nerve functions, but it seems we are in a period of hope, of achievement, of progress, of rapid and oh-so-joyous recovery of many vital functions for our Kollin.

So, how have our lives changed?  Kollin;’s body will always be a reminder of those dark days.  But his bright spirit, his quick wit, his kind and thoughtful ways remind us that Kollin is more than nerve, sinew, and muscle; he is a bright and shining star, a beloved son of parents and of his Heavenly Father. The service rendered to him by family is a sacramental act, an honor.  That boy’s spirit is well, healthy, undamaged and we rejoice.  That is what matters most.

How do we maintain optimism and faith?  For one thing, we know no one day will be like the next.  Some are worse, most are better.  It is a trend we rely on.  The real truth: we have been comforted and tutored by the thoughtful words, prayers and deeds of our friends and neighbors. We have been dumbfounded by the thousands of strangers who have shared kind words and uplifting experiences!   “Strangers” is not the right word—people previously unknown to us who have nonetheless mourned with us, lifting our load.  Those who have shared this time with us stretch across the country.  Prayers are reaching heavenward from Europe, particularly Hungary where big brother Mason served as a missionary.  Prayers rise from Mozambique where big brother Braydon is currently serving as a missionary.  We have “watchers” in Turkey and the Middle East.  How very extraordinary!  How deeply touching.  A web of kindness covers the world—all generated by the unfortunate accident of a little boy.  Surely great goodness is in store.  Our hearts are healed by those who share.

Our own faith has grown, been tested and tutored over the years.  It is sufficient to sustain us.  Life is all about challenge; there is opposition in all things.  Through it all our Heavenly Father sustains us.  We never doubt his presence, his love, his compassion, and his power to heal—in whatever form that healing may come.  True, we would quite welcome a healing of Biblical proportions. We need not ask Why?  We simply need to rejoice in Kollin’s life and to move forward with absolute confidence that there is great Purpose in Kollin’s life.   His personality is magnetic; his faith and goodness are defining traits that appear instantly to all who encounter him.  The Pray For Kollin blog (masterminded by his 14 year old cousin!) gives us a platform to share our journey, to express our gratitude for all the prayers offered on his behalf, to update you on the fulfillment of those prayers, and to ask that you keep with the program, continue your prayers on his behalf.  Somehow the goodness abroad in the world enriches us all.  It is a time for gratitude and thanksgiving.

My mantas:
Tomorrow will be different from today!
We are sheltered by a good and giving God.
People are good!
We will move ahead with courage and purpose.
Take charge of our lives; live to serve.

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Instagram Posts

Instagram Posts From Gary (Dad)

Monday September 23, 2013
We escaped to the roof today!

Tuesday September 24, 2013
Roof top, working on his tan, and looking cool.

Instagram Post from Natalie (Aunt)

Tuesday September 24, 2013
Oh this kid just made my heart so happy tonight! It's taken over 3 weeks, but he's back to his witty old self! And I have even more appreciation for life flight, as we watched them land from the roof. #prayforkollin Keep fighting buddy!

Instagram posts from Jenny (Aunt)

Tuesday September 24, 2013
Oh what a happy day!!! Visiting with Kollin on the roof and watching him eat for the first time in 25 days!!! 

Loves from KPG's Grandma Coon

Monday, September 23, 2013

Instagram Posts

September 23, 2013

Instagram Post From Jodie (Mom)
September 22, 2013

 It's official folks--this kid is out of the ICU-- Let the Games Begin!!!

Instagram Post From Erica (Aunt)
September 22, 2013

Matt got lots of giggles out of this guy today.

Instagram Post from Gary (Dad)
September 21, 2013

Had to take a pic before we put his brace and mask back on.

Instagram Post from Jodie (Mom)
September 20, 2013

Nurse Cratchett was NOT happy about this tiny visitor, but KPG was!!!!

Instagram Post from Natalie (Aunt)
September 20, 2013

This is my sister Jodie.  She is an amazing woman.  Everyone who knows her, loves her.  Not only is she the mother of 5 dashingly handsome, well mannered, strapping young lads, she has the strength and faith of Job.  Jodie deserves an honorary nursing degree and her own parking space at Primary Children's Hospital.  She has been a regular visitor there for almost 20 years now.  She gave one of her kidneys to her 2nd son.  Her husband gave one of his to their 4th.  Right now she and her husband have lived at Primary's for 3 weeks with their 5th son.  And I'm sure if she could, she would give him her legs too.  She is the perfect example of faith, hope, courage, and continous prayers of a righteous mother.  I love you Jode!

Friday, September 20, 2013


September 20, 2013

Update From Jodie (Mom)

Thursday September 19th:
It has been a week of UPS and DOWNS, Sorrows and Laughter.  Today marks the 21st day in the ICU for KPG.  At the beginning of this week I began to wonder if I would ever see Kollin’s personality again.  Would I ever Laugh and Joke and just be able to Talk with him like we used to???  Is he ever going to SMILE again and mean it???  The dogs have kept coming, thank Goodness for the Dogs.  They are the very Best therapy he’s gotten, but they don’t come every day, and they don’t stay for long when they do come.  They have soooooo many other kids to visit.  Diva showed up at just the right time the other day. Kollin was sitting up on the side of his bed—feet touching the ground, back straight and head held up, all while being supported by the Physical therapist (Lisa).  Kollin hates this new part of his day.  It is very hard on him—his blood pressure usually drops pretty low, and he becomes dizzy and nauseated.  The first attempt at sitting like this only lasted 5 minutes, but it’s a necessary start for getting him used to sitting up.  Diva provided a wonderful distraction, as Kollin was performing his “Edge of the Bed Sit”. She hopped right up on the bed next to him, and for some reason the time flew by in an instant.  Next thing we knew, it had been a whole 15 minutes of straight up sitting.  Good Job Kollin, and Thank You Diva!!!!!!  Panda Bear is an Irish Sheep Dog, straight out of the Disney Movie, “The Shaggy D.A.”.  Yesterday we lowered KPG’s bed down pretty low and he scratched and petted the heck out of Panda.  I love the variety of Dogs that we have seen.  No matter the shape, size, color, or type, they bring with them a little slice of Happy Pie. And just for a moment my kid is just a kid petting a dog.  I hold onto NORMAL moments like these.  They are few and far between.

Kollin had some pretty Special visitors on Monday night.  Thank You to our friend and Neighbor, Stan Ricks, for arranging these visits.  As many of you may know, this Saturday is a day that many Utahns look forward to EVERY football season.  Utes vs. BYU!!!!!!!!!! (just a side note: Gary and I barely even know what day of the week it is, let alone who’s playing who in football right now) Each year, as we watch this rivalry game, our walls in the TV room have sustained damage, as Devon takes out his frustration by throwing things at them.  Last year I believe it was his fist that put a hole through the dry wall.  Nope we haven’t patched it up yet.  Any Whoooo…Stan has these 2 nephews that are brothers and one plays for the Utes and one plays for the Coug’s.  First we were visited by a group of enormous Ute players.  They were the kindest, most decent guys ever!!!!!  They brought KPG a Red Utah shirt and they stayed and gave Kollin a ton of encouragement, not to mention they asked us lots of questions about KPG’s current situation.  Of course they wanted to know who Kollin was going to root for on Saturday.  Kollin had been asked about 2 ½ weeks ago, at the beginning of his stay in the ICU, whether or not he was a Ute fan.  After all we are in UTE territory being up at Primary Children’s Hospital.  Kollin does not have Devon’s total devotion to BYU, so he replied, “I’m a Ute fan as long as they aren’t playing against BYU.”  That was what I now told these large football players that were towering over me.  They seemed totally satisfied with that logic, but as I wrote down their names, along with their jersey #’s, I felt that those of us in room 12 of the PICU would somehow be cheering those 4 UTE players on during Saturday’s game.  Thanks Guys!!!!!!!!!  Before they left, Trevor, kept saying, “So Kollin we understand the ‘cougarettes” are going to be here any minute, so we’re going to have to say good-bye for now.”  I was so confused, until I realized that he was talking about his brother Drew and the BYU football players that I knew were coming.  Haha funny guy.  About 10 minutes later, here came some more Huge guys, but these ones were wearing “True Blue”!!!!!  They too were super encouraging to Kollin, and did a lot of talking to just him. Kollin gave them the thumbs up many times during their 15 minute visit.  They presented KPG with a cool BYU—“Rise Up” flag.  I’m not sure if they even realize how much that saying on the flag touched me.  Oh how I long for my Boy to do just that….RISE UP.  Thank you so very much, Markus, Mitch, and Drew!!!!!!  I watched in amazement at 6’6 Mitch and 6’5 Markus taped the flag to the top of the wall for KPG to look at.  What good souls they are.. they even offered Kollin a tour of the BYU field and locker room as soon as he gets out of the hospital.  How motivating is that for KPG???

As the week has progressed, I have witnessed my boy coming back into himself.  It has been so wonderful to watch as his personality is returning.  He has spent time getting updated on his Instagram.  Even scrolling through the pics on his own, and tapping to like many, many pictures.  He Loves his friends so so much, but this small activity wears him right out and usually his eyes slam shut in the middle of scrolling.  We are just thankful that his interests are coming back. 

Yesterday, we were given permission to take Kollin on a walk downstairs and OUTSIDE into the fresh air and sunshine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  It was Glorious.  While we were basking in the warmth and cool breeze, he was able to remove the Bi-Pap mask and breathe in the great outdoors for about 30 minutes.  HE LOVED IT!!!!!!!  While we were parked under a tree, we watched as the coolest car pulled up and dropped someone off.  Our nurse Christy asked the driver if he would mind pulling up in front of Kollin so he could see the car.  My dad Paul E. Coon would have gone nuts over this 1967 Pontiac Firebird.  It was as sweet sounding as it was sweet looking.  Oh the joy we find in the smallest of things.

When we got back to the ICU, Kollin had another swallow test done to see if he can begin drinking water.  It was a disappointing NO GO, but Kollin didn’t let it get his spirits down.  He will try again tomorrow.  He has been dreaming every night about sneaking drinks.  He told me that he hates it when he sees people filling up their “Water cup” with soda, and we laughed when he told me that in his dream HE did just that.  He filled up the water cup I’d given him with DR. Pepper when I wasn’t looking and then he hurried and drank it before I turned around.  Has anyone tried to drink Dr. Pepper really fast?????  Killer!!!!!!!  So I should mention that when you’ve had a breathing tube for as long as Kollin did, that your swallower is super weak, and almost has to be taught all over again how to swallow in a safe way.  So tomorrow is another day and Hopefully the Drinking will begin!!!!!  The swallow girl, as KPG calls her,  told him that talking helps to clear the fluid from around his vocal cords and this will help with swallowing, so he has been doing a lot more of that….TALKING. 
The trial test he did with trying to breathe room air on his own, was somewhat of a success.  The dr’s decided to let Kollin try breathing without the Bi-Pap mask while he is awake and being somewhat active.   This in itself will be a test to see how he does breathing on his own for longer stretches of time.  At night, and during naps, the Bi-Pap will need to be worn, because KPG doesn’t breathe as deeply when he is asleep.  This is such good news for him and another step in the right direction.  In other words, one step closer to getting out of the ICU---yippeeeeee!!!!!!
So yesterday morning, during PT, Kollin wasn’t feeling very good. (probably because he only got 4 hours of sleep)  But Physical Therapy is so important and necessary for his improvement.  He’d done all of his arm workout using a 3lb. stick and at the end of his chest presses, his nurse, Christy, said, “Ok hun bun, I want to see you do just one press with the 5lb. stick.”  Head shakes NO from KPG.  Then more encouragement and pushing from Christy.  A very disgusted, and tired Kollin grabbed for the 5lb stick and pumped out, not 1 but 20 chest presses!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  It was hilarious and got us all clapping and cheering for him.  He’s such a show off sometimes and I love it!!!!!!!!!  I knew he still had his FIGHTING SPIRIT.
The biggest smiles of the day came when Gare Bear showed up and brought with him the BEST gift ever for Kollin.  Thank You YARRO’s!!!!!!!!  A 10 minute video made just for KPG, of sooooo many people that Kollin loves, speaking to him, dancing for him, and just being silly.  AWWWWWW I cannot tell you what this did for his spirits.  That helped him to feel connected to everyone that he so desperately misses, but cannot visit at this time.  We love you!!!!!!!  Thanks to everyone that participated and helped put the video together.  What an awesome idea!!!!!!! 

Last night before bed, Kollin enjoyed shooting some hoops from his bed.  His coordination and strength are improving by the minute.  Today has been such a GREAT DAY, filled with so much PURE JOY.  Prayer works everyone--- our hearts will be forever tied to yours in gratitude for the love and support you have shown to us and especially to KPG.   LOVES To YOU!!!

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Brief Update

September 19, 2013

Update from Virginia (Grandma)

Good drugs, lots of time breathing on his own, big smiles, looks good for swallow test tomorrow.


Thursday September 18, 2013

Instagram Posts from Kollin

 Got to go out side today!

 Tehehe dad left me with the I pad.

 Instagram Post from Virginia (Grandma)

 Kollin has his grin going! Could it be he loves his Nana?

Instagram Post from Mason (Brother)

We wanted to wear some hospital attire too!  Lookin good.

Wednesday September 18, 2013

Instagram Post from Sara (Aunt)

                       You were the best date ever Kolly Polly Wog. Thanks for the smile, a night of "Duck Dynasty" and whispering sweet nothing's in my ear. That night you taught me so many things and I will forever be changed. Thanks you for your patience and tremendous courage. I love you so much!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Going outside

Wednesday September 18, 2013

Instagram Post from Gary (Dad)

We got to go outside today!!!!!!!!

Instagram Post from Ethan (Brother)

Some times it helps to go outside after being in a hospital room for 19 days. #prayforkollin

Instagram Post from Jodie (Mom)

 If you look close you might see His lips AND eyes smiling :-) --does a mothers heart good. Thanks Yarro's for the video and thanks friends for all your well wishes!!!! #prayforkollin

Friday September 16, 2013

Instagram Post from Mason

Game time