Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Email from Braydon

 Monday October 14, 2013

Email from Braydon (Brother)
Hello everyone! for some reason i got onto internet a little sad today, sorry to say haha but now i am ok.
This letter will be very scattered because its just me talking to myself trying to think of things god would have me think.

 I was just thinking about hard trials, and my mind started focusing on the sadness of trials. and how hard they are. Embarrassed to say, i thought for a moment that my family has had the hardest things happen to them then any other family. I was being selfish. not by only thinking about myself. but I was being selfish by only thinking about my family. I recall something that Joseph Smith said something along the lines of, A man filled with love, desires the salvation of his family, and a man filled with the love of God, desires the salvation of all mankind. God has blessed me my whole life with his love.. i love so many people. and i love them so much. I want to do everything to make them happy! thats why i am here! There are people who i love so very much at home who are sad. knowing that made me sad, thats why i felt sad before writting this email. then i realized, god has a perfect love for us. he hears everyday from 7 billion people that they are sad. What would happen if God got discouraged?

Anyway, i was writting Blayke before this, and i just starting thinking about pure love. and how the love of our father is pure, and the love of our savior is pure. they have the power to take away any trial. but they dont. Because they know how much stronger we will be if we endure them well. He sent us to the earth, knowing how hard it would be, and how many awful things would happen. But he did that because in order to return to him, and have every blessing he has, and all the happiness he has, we HAVE to go through these trials. We know that God has a body with flesh and bones. We know he has experience and glory, and all the love and happiness in the world. we know he is all knowing. We cannot comprehend the blessing and joy he has. but we know how he gained all these things.. We know how he became a God. We know he created a plan for ALL of us to have the same things. We know that God is perfect, and he allows us to have these trials. We should trust him them. and be ok with the trials we go through. they are for our good. but it depends on how we act through the trials. God is willing to help us through the trials, and give us peace through the whole thing. But we cannot gain our divine potential, without going through hard things. If we want to be like God someday, we have to experience hard things. excuse me for speaking deep doctrine but if we want to be the best, loving, all knowing, most helpful God someday, and help our own children with EVERY trial they may go through, we need to go through the trials ourself. we need to feel the lowest of low ourself. But we need to go through the whole process, and do what it takes to get out of the trial, and to overcome it. How do you think the savior is all loving, all knowing, and able to help us through any pain? he already suffered it himself. He suffered every pain you could name. He reached lower than anyone will. And he conquered everything. He conquered life, and death. And he did that so we may partake of his salvation, with him at our side along the way.
I know my Father loves me, I know my Savior loves me. And i know what that means. Because i am filled with the love of God. I have an infinite love for my father in heaven, my savior, my family on earth, and those special people who were placed in my life. with this love, i am learning to love every one of gods children.
I know that trials are hard, and sometimes seem as if they wont end, or are unfair. I know that if we endure them well, with our savior, we will have the same results that he did, even eternal life.
I am so sorry that this email was so rediculous, but its what i needed to do, i am filled with love right now, i am filled with happiness! I hope for those of you who may be going through a hard time as well, may be able to read through this and go on the same journey of rememberance that i did and end up with the same feelings i have now :)
i dont have much time, but the week was a little slow, nothing to crazy happned, Titos gave a talk in sacrement meeting though and i was so proud of him! he was sooooo nervous and it made me so happy! seeing the progression of him will stick with me forever!
I am also teaching a family and the dad was in his moms tummy for 12 months, almost stollen when he was born, he grew up with no home because of the civil war, no family other than mom, he lost one of his arms, he had his throught slit by a robber, he had an addiction to cigarrets and marajauana, and now hes my investigator and recieving the blessings of the gospel :) the trials in my life do not compare to his!
I love being a missionary, i love the things i see, hear, smell and experience! life is good! i love you all! have a good week!


  1. Sometimes it may be a good idea to read before posting. Just my opinion.
    All the best to Kollin though. What a great guy!

  2. Elder Galland - you don''t know me but a friend in the stake told me about your post and said that it was wonderful. I really enjoyed reading this post, and I'm happy for your companion and those you are serving on your mission. I'm sure you are a bright spot for many. Prayers for you and your family.