Monday, October 7, 2013

Lots and Lots of pictures

Photos sent from Jodie (Mom)

 Cafe Rio

What the?????? It's called "The Stander"

 Cranking it out on the FES bike

Such a poser/wannabe model

 Teeth Brushing

Cali Cousins!!!

 Hey look Kollin! We have the same undies on!!

How many cousins can you fit on a hospital bed???

Adam and Emily completed my day of California Visitors!

Haha- Nurse Dave decorated KPG's bed with Justin Bieber stuff!!
1st car ride in a long while

 Home Visit!

My Poocher!!!!


Awwwwww Comfy Bed!

Love From Grandma Louder


  1. Oh My Gosh. No words, just happiness and thankful..

  2. Kollin you are amazing and what am inspiration you are to me and so many !! Keep up the great work !

  3. This will post under my daughter's google account...We have been following your blog since we first heard about the accident from my nephew Griffin M. a friend of Kollin's at THS. We are THS alumni in the same class as Adam Galland. I have 2 boys, ages 15 & 13 and so in so many ways I feel connected to Kollin even though I've never met him. He is so inspiring in his good attitude! We have been praying for him every day and have recently added his name to the prayer roll in Draper. Keep up the hard work Kollin, what an inspiration! -Steve & Kelly Hall

  4. Cafe Rio and a trip home... that will lift anyone's spirits.

  5. Kollin isconstantly in our thoughts and prayers. And so is his amazing support team...parents, family, therapists, doctors, nurses, etc. What an amazing and determined boy Kollin is. He is always in our prayers. We love the Galland family! xo

  6. Looking AWESOME Kollin:) You are a stud!

  7. You guys are all looking fantastic! Kollin you are such a studly stud! So proud of you!!