Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Goodbye Feeding Tube!

Tuesday October 1, 2013

Instagram Posts from Virginia (Grandma)

No more feeding tube for this boy!

Kollin eating soup and a grilled cheese sandwich!


  1. Jodie, I'm Jill Guzzo's mother. Just want you to know I'm following the blog, marveling at the miracles and praying for Kollin and your family

  2. Loving this photo of Kollin and knowing that it is proof of answers to prayers! It makes me so happy to see so much improvement everytime I check the blog...and gives me such a good feeling seeing such a loving, supportive, beautiful family. Will keep the prayers going in PA.

    Lee Anne

  3. Love that smile!! Prayers are being heard and answered. Prayers from Iowa

  4. I love the smile on his face! Very inspirational story, I check in every couple of days. You have an amazing son. Sending thoughts from West Michigan.


  5. More prayers from Virginia! His smile is amazing.