Friday, October 18, 2013

Pictures of Kollin

Pictures from Jodie (Mom)

Coon Visits

Amy (Aunt), Tyson, Luke, Lacy, and Lindsy (cousins)
and Kollin

 Natalie and Kollin

Yarro Visits

Outings of the week
 At home eating Sunday dinner that Jackie brought to us- yum yum!!

We saw a movie "Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2". Here dad is helping him put his cool break dancing gloves on!

Costa Vida at the Gateway mall. KPG with an impressive one handed drinking technique.

Nurse Jenny
This is kpg's favorite nurse- Jenny. For therapy he strung some beads onto a catheter and made her a necklace - she Loved it!!!

Working out his legs on the FES Bike-- "Functional Electronic Stimulation"

Twinners with nurse Christy

I put a headband on him to keep his bangs out of his eyes-- his hair is so long that you can't even see the headband but it does shorten his bangs giving him a real nerdy look- haha

Kollins super scraggly long hair  

Notice the tail coming out of the bottom of the collar

Taking Diva for a Walk
Notice my car in the background-- we'd just practiced doing "car transfers". That's where I used my muscles and skills to transfer KPG out of his chair and into my front seat -- then out of my car and back into his chair. Tough mamma huh??

 A little hairdo from Casey

Hoopes Visit

180lb St Bernard named "Front Runner"

Putting $$ in the Vending Machine

Down the benches for PT

Just chillin during PT
Wheeling around at Hogle Zoo


  1. So great to see Kollin out and about and looking so good! Thank-you so much for posting the pics and keeping us all updated on the progress. Love the inspiration and support from all of Kollin's family. I will continue the prayers here in PA.

  2. His comment about not cutting his hair until he walks again totally had me crying here at my desk at work. Such a determined kid. Keep up the great work, Kollin!!

    West Michigan