Friday, October 25, 2013

Email from Braydon

 Email from Braydon

***These letters from B come without editing. He writes under pressure of time and with the sole intent of sharing the feelings that flow straight from his heart.  We include them because he is an integral member of our family who is able to speak with love, optimism, and gratitude for all of us.***

Just as normal, when you endure with happiness through the hard times, God blesses you with more happiness! I have had a really really good week filled with feeling the spirit! spiritual lessons, studdies, and prayers! on monday night i had a really really good conversation with Heavely Father and the Holy Ghost. God filled my soul with happiness and peace! The feelings are too pure to describe! Once again, he gave me the message that if i take care of his familes here in Moçambique, he will take care of my families in Utah! I love my father in Heaven.
I was having a family night with Titos and Ana family, and Titos was also thinking alot about my family at home so he stopped the lesson and said, can we say a prayer for Kollin right now? Tears filled my eyes, i said yes please, could you offer it? he said hed love to. Titos then said a beautiful and simple prayer, and opened up his book of mormon so we could find strength and answers in the book of mormon. He remembered when i taught him the Book of Mormon that you can find every answer to life in the book. We then read about Alma when he was rebellious and was visitted by an angel. It was actually very strange because alma lost movement in his body for 3 days and could not move. He felt the lowest of the low. but he gained strength and he served god forever after that and was filled with happiness for eternity now. Very easily was Titos able to relate this story to Kollin. I was so touched by this. Going from Titos desperate to recieve strength and knowlede from me a couple months ago, to me desperate for strength and knowledge from him. Titos will be a bishop in Mocambique someday when we get wards soon! i love him!
We also had a lesson with an older couple who have 4 kids, a house thats not cinderblocks, paint on the house and WINDOWS!  havent seen that in a long time! one of their daughters is even at college! the Mom is a teacher, and the Dad has a good job as well! We have been looking for people who could be leaders in the church to help the church grow in mocambique, smart people who have an idea of having an occupation and seeing success. this family is exactly that. The only trouble is the wife is hard core catholic. we sat down with them and had a very very spiritual 1st lesson. Her heart was touched and i could see her eyes filled with peace. So i asked her, Luisa, if you knew this message was true, would you follow this path? she stopped and said, I am Catholic, baptized and everything. Catholic is my Church. i then smiled at her and said thats not what i asked. Luisa, do you believe God has the power to speak with his children on the earth today? she said yes i believe. I said Luisa, if God spoke with you, in your heart, and told you that the words of the missionaries were true, would you follow this church, knowing it is his church? at this point i felt so close to luisa, i felt as if we were family, with a strong trust. She responded and said, yes, i would follow the truth. and i will pray to know if your words were true or not. we were filled with the spirit and i promised her that when she prays, she will be filled with peace, knowing our message was true. i knew that God was going to answer her prayer.  we left the house and i was feeling so confident and so happy. we returned the next day to give them a book of mormon, she was home alone so i just dropped it off to her. she was on the phone but she saw me and put the phone down and came to me, smilling, with an innocent face that had been touched by God. She said, Elder, i did a big prayer last night. I asked her how she felt. She responded with a voice filled of a sense of belonging to the family of god and said I felt Peace in my heart. i felt really really good. I know God spoke to me, and i know your message is true. I about cried but i kept my self together and bore my testimony.
Chico and luisa will be baptized and will bless the church and their family forever. I dont know when yet but i should this week! pray for luisa to keep her testimony! once you recieve an answer from god, there is no going back!
I love this church, i love the happiness and joy it brings to all who accept it! I know this church is true, i have recieved too many comfirmations that it is true to every deny it or to every wander astray!
I hope yo all have a good week! God bless you all, i love you all!

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  1. Laguna Beach Ward.. Sunday... I was a visitor. Primary Program. Emersen Galland speaks about his friend who is injured and how his missionary brother wrote him a letter telling him that he can still serve Christ with his arms and hands. So beautiful. Small world... church even smaller. God Belss. (Bonnie Card in California)